June 27th Sunglass Day

I won't be posting on Monday cause my son's off at camp, but I wanted to make sure there was a post ready to go up from my phone. Fingers crossed that it'll work.

It's Sunglasses Day and the girls didn't want to be left out.
I took these pictures right after the Splash Pad pictures, but before the National Pink Day pictures. It's not my fault when these holidays fall. LOL. Marie-Grace is wearing some OG sunglasses, they seem to flop a bit on the one side, not sure why. Shinobu's glasses are from eBay China. And Grace's glasses are, I think, AG brand. They were bought on eBay too and came in a AG glasses case, but I can't be sure. Their swimsuits are all eBay China, I just added flowers to Marie-Grace's and Shinobu's. I probably should have put shoes on the girls, but I didn't think about it. All the same, Happy Sunglasses Day!

Also some updates: Hope, Amnell and Aurora did sell on eBay. Not as much as I hoped they'd sell for, but st…

June 23rd National Pink Day!

It's also Take Your Dog To Work Day.
I have some great pictures for both. So remember those outfits I got from Hobby Lobby? Wanna see them on the dolls?
Here's a reminder of what I bought:
As you can see 4 of the outfits are Springfield and 2 are Marigold Market. This will be important later.

 These are all Springfield outfits, except the pink shoes that I added to Grace's outfit. These are beautiful! They fit the dolls perfectly. I love these outfits even more out of the box. A+ Springfield.

Take your Dog to Work Day Here are the other 3 outfits. The one in the middle is Springfield. Beautiful! Reminds me of something Rapunzel would wear. And we have Max and Piddles joining the girls for this picture. Now the other 2 outfits are Marigold Market brand, and I was not very happy with these 2 outfits.
I bought Grace's outfit because I liked the skirt, but it's huge.
and frayed. And the top was hideous. So before putting Grace back in her box, she got a…

A day at the Splash Pad!

This is the big project that I've been working on and it didn't turn out EXACTLY like I expected, but I still think it all looks so cute. Everything is from Dollar Tree.
Here's Marie-Grace, Grace, and Shinobu enjoying a day at the Splash Pad:

I tried to get lots of different angles, but the set up just wasn't easy. It was rainy out and I wasn't going to take the girls outside, but I think my lighting was overall good. I just think I didn't have the room I needed for 3 dolls. All the same, the girls had fun. They loved getting ready for the hot days of summer. Then I tried to play around with some filters on my phone and put this picture together: I actually played with 3 different pictures, but this was the only one that turned out. I was trying to go with a water falling look, but it just kinda looks a little dreary, but you get the idea. This photo shoot took 2 total hours. The pool noodles in the background kept falling over or springing off the board. It wa…

Retiring Isabelle & Elizabeth and some cool stuff I found

So first let me start with retiring Isabelle and Elizabeth. I just can't take a chance of something happening to one of them. So they're getting boxed up and put away for Ayla and Audrey.
I bought 2 new boxes from AG and I still have to put the girl's shoes on, but this is how they'll look when Ayla and Audrey open them up. I did notice that Elizabeth's wig was coming up a bit on the sides, so I'm debating sending her off to the AG hospital. But then I also think 'I've already spent a ton of money on this doll' and there are other dolls that need a little TLC too. So you guys won't be seeing these lovely ladies again for a long while. Long enough you'll probably forget I even have them. I also thought this was a good time to pack up all the dolls because Ayla is starting to get old enough that she sees them all the time. I want her to truly be surprised by Isabelle. So it was just time. Now that doesn't mean that my blogging will stop. …

Happy Flag Day!!!

Flag day is June 14th and I wanted to celebrate. I'm actually working on a pretty big project so that'll be posting soon, but I new that Flag Day was something I could do in a couple days. Isabelle was actually injured during the making of this shoot. I was planning on doing it outside on the steps again. Well it was windy and she fell flat on her face. It scratched the heck out of her nose. I had to buff it with a magic eraser for quite some time, but THANK GOODNESS it worked. Isabelle is feeling much better, but she will now only be joining us for our indoor photo shoots. She's the doll that's in the best condition out of all of our dolls, except maybe Shinobu since she was bought new. I can't take a chance of something happening to her before Ayla even gets her.
So here's Isabelle featuring our city's flag:
(Like the Big Bang reference?!) This flag was unveiled in March of 2016.

The beautiful blue lines represent the river bend. And Isabelle's nose l…

Been so very busy...

Yep, this week has been crazy. My son's out of school for the summer, but he's had day camp. I've been working on getting the back yard cleaned up (a huge job for such a small yard). Everyone's been busy. Needless to say, I haven't had time for the dollies. I feel bad because they're still in the 90's clothes from the concert. I did however, take down everyone's hair. I don't want to leave their hair and it get bumps in it.
I have been debating sending Marie-Grace to the AG hospital. I'm still not happy with her hair. Whatever product her last owner put in her hair has left it greasy, and no matter how much I wash it, it still doesn't look great. Still, the AG hospital is expensive and besides her hair, there's nothing else wrong with her. The upside- she'd get a new wig and a box. So I'm really thinking that I'll be sending her soon. I actually need 5 boxes anyway, so this would take care of one.
But I ramble on.
I've b…

After the Concert

So after the girl's concert, they had some down time to play with their new toy. When I was on vacation we stopped at several Goodwills and we hardly found anything, up until our last stop.
At the last Goodwill I was checking out and saw this in the case:
It was marked $14.99 but since I'm a Goodwill member, it was 1/2 off!! Score. Still at $7.50 I thought about not getting it. I mean, it's HUGE. Where was I going to store this thing and did I even want to. Well, Hubby talked me into it and I'm glad he did.
It came with 2 pool cues and 1 smaller breaking stick:
But you can see these were too big for the girls. The table is super nice, though a little dirty. It has the triangle and has little holes where the balls go down into channels.
The girls had a blast! Isabelle broke:

They all got a turn:

So glad I bought this! Don't forget to follow me, and post your comments, I'd love to hear from you.