Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Star Adventures- Character Focus- Octavia

Player Name: Octavia
Character Name: Dr. Noori Ellanock
Species: Human
Position: Dean of Science
Description: Dr. Ellanock worked as a professor at the Allied Fleet Academy while she waited for a Star Ship assignment. At the academy she taught physics, but she does not like to limit herself to just one aspect of science. She is motivated by learning and loves that there is all of space to explore.

Joining the crew of The Genesis is a dream come true for Dr. Ellanock.
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Monday, November 16, 2020

New Posts Even Though I've Moved

 I mentioned a while back that I will still be updating here through 2020, and I've been posting BUT I noticed today that the new posts are no longer going to the top of the page. They also don't have the right publish date on them. Blogger has gotten crazy. I hope they fix their glitches. I know several people that use them for their blogs. 

Ok, all that being said, have you seen the new blog?! I've been working on this amazing trip to the American Girl store for my dolls Melony & Aayla. It turned out so very cute. Later this week I'll be uploading the YouTube video. If you want to stay in The Know, be sure to join the email list. You'll only get updates when I make a new post or have a give-away.

It's been a huge project and I'm very happy with the way that it turned out.

Also, if you've been following the Star Adventures Saga, then you will want to check out Episode 3.1 on Dec 7th. 

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Friday, November 6, 2020

Star Adventures- Character Focus- Arista

Player Name: Arista
Character Name: Leilani Hubron
Species: Nur
Position: Commander
Description: Commander Hubron is part of the Nur Species. They are identified by their ugly eyebrows and their painful forehead piercing. They also have furry legs and prehensile tails. The Nurs have been a part of the Allied Earth Alliance for hundreds of years and many of them have moved up the ranks at the Academy, just like Commander Hubron.
Arista spends hours in Hair & Makeup.

But the overall result is Worth It!

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Monday, November 2, 2020

Nov 2020- Boy of the Month


Phineas is a Logan doll that I renamed.
He is Marie Grace's twin brother.


Here he is with his cabin mates.
He helped out with set building for Star Adventures.

They took a break after all their hard work.

And enjoyed some lemonade.
And here he is getting ready for the Snowflake Gala
Phineas is one doll that I'm pretty sure will stay in my collection.
I didn't really want a boy doll, but Logan was just too cute to pass up AND I got him for a steal ($40!). Now I'm obsessed with the boy dolls.
He loves playing Legend on Star Adventures!

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Saturday, October 31, 2020

Greenhouse- Room by Room

I knew that I had to have a greenhouse for the dollhouse, and I knew about how I was going to go about making it. I had seen these types of pictures on Pinterest and it really just confirmed how I was going to build my greenhouse.
So I had a ton of these 4*6 frames from a Disney Pin project that I was going to do. I later changed my mind, but I kept all the frames cause they're a good size for paintings or windows in the dollhouse. Every frame I used in this project came from Dollar Tree.

First, I removed everything off the back of each frame. Those are parts I can use in either this project or a different project in the future.

These hanging clips got re-used to hang plant pots or gardening tools.

I bought 20 of these wire organizers from Dollar Tree with the intention of using them to make... well, something. I was gonna make bunkbeds or something. I didn't have a clear plan, and then the half a plan didn't come together. I later returned 17 of them and used that $ to buy the other frames I needed. But I knew a couple would look good in the greenhouse.

Ok, so all the frames got hot glued together. I will add other glue to help strengthen the structure, but I really should have built the whole thing out of wood 1st and then added the frames.
Live and Learn!

I used those hinges that I saved to make a "roof". It's an open roof that I was thinking of adding clear plastic on, but I might not. We'll see once I take it out to the dollhouse.

This process was just repeated on the other side. The back didnt' need the "roof" part.

Then I got to have some fun with plants. This is all from Dollar Tree EXCEPT this brown plastic piece. I found that at a RE-store. I have big plans to add lots more plants, but this is where it started.

This is the overall finished project. Now just to carry it out to the dollhouse and add some more glue!

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Monday, October 26, 2020

Star Adventures- Character Focus- Grace

Players Name: Grace
Character Name: Cyra Starborn
Species: Human
Position: Captain

Description- Starborn is an Allied Fleet Elite. She literally was born for the position of Captain. Her parents were part of a program at the Academy. They still raised their own child, but within the Academy walls. She has been always moving towards being Captain and has just been waiting for The Genesis.


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Star Adventures- Character Focus- Marie Grace

Players Name: Marie Grace
Character Name: Dr. Kaaley Farland
Species: Human
Position: Planetary Biologist
Description: Top of her class, Kaaley is the lead biologist from Allied Fleet Academy. She's part of a group of researchers who believe that there are answers to Earth's ecological and pollution problems, and that those answers can be found in space.

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Star Adventures- Character Focus- Octavia

  Player Name: Octavia Character Name: Dr. Noori Ellanock Species: Human Position: Dean of Science   Description: Dr. Ellanoc...