Oh, I'm betting you already guessed who.
So which one did I choose? Well, we'll get to that. First I want to show you a few of my creations. And even if you're not in the market for a CYO doll I recommend playing on the site. It's REALLY fun. Let me first say, that I kinda knew I was going to purchase a new doll cause hubby said "order one and I'll put it away for Christmas'. How could I not order one after that. Now, I have many dolls with the Josephina mold (which I love), and many with the classic mold. So I didn't want either of those. And I just got Jyn who is a Jess mold, so I tried out a few with that mold, but maybe next time.

Sonali mold, red hair, blue eyes, medium skin tone. I love the pixie cut, which I usually don't like. Isn't that strange?! But Hubby didn't care for it, saying it looked too much like a boy doll. I see where he's coming from, but maybe I'll get one in the future anyway.

Game of Thrones!

So, as you know, I love TV! And in honor of loving TV, I did an Octavia from the 100 and this post is inspired by Game Of Thrones.
 This was my inspiration photo. and I used this one as a reference for the throne (but I saw a costume on Conan that was truly what I based the design on)

So I started with the throne:
It was fairly easy. I used the same technique that I did with the other seating, then I added wooden skewers, coffee stirrers and duct tape. Then I spray painted it. I think it looks cute. Next time I'd do it a little different, but not much. I'd make it taller. Still, I think it looks reminiscent of the one from the show. Then I had to work on a doll to picture with this. I still had Marie Grace out so she became my model. Now, she is no Cersei. She's much too pretty and NICE looking for that. But I thought all my dolls might just look too nice. So her outfit is just inspired by the show.  So I bought this dress on eBay for $5:
And thought, this will be perfect.…

Elkhart's Farmer's Market

So once a week I go out to dinner with my Mom, Grandma, Aunts and some of my cousins. We call it Ladies Night, but there are a couple of boys that join us like my son. We change where we go each week. This last week it was one of my Aunts turn to pick the place and we ended up at a Farmer's Market. They had entertainment and food there. The entertainment was supposed to be an Elvis impersonator, but he was out sick. The guy who subbed for him was pretty good and Ayla had the most fun out of all of us cause she was up dancing the whole time. During the intermission I wanted to shop the booths. I didn't end up buying anything, but I wanted to share what I found.
I found these fairy tale dolls that I thought were really cute and only $22.

There was an Alice in Wonderland one too, but I couldn't get a picture. These look like very pretty dolls, but since I only collect AG dolls, I left them for someone else to love. I did think about buying them just for their clothes, but the…

Surprise!! -UPDATED

Are you surprised to see me posting on a Tue? I know I am. Sorry there's not going to be any pictures this post. I just wanted to complain. I got the AG catalog in the mail a few weeks back. You may have gotten one too. On the front it says Create your own doll coming end of July.  Well, it's Aug 1st and guess What?! No customizing on their website yet. What the heck AG?! You have no trouble charging me $200 for a doll but you can't even roll it out on time?! Anyway, I just wanted to complain.  I wanna play around with the tools they give you and plan what I want for Christmas.  So who's planning on getting a Create Your own Doll? Leave your comments.  I wanna know what you guys are thinking. OK, so AG posted an update that due to an IT problem, the new release will be Aug 8th. And I also see that rewards members have the opportunity to get Nanea early. But you have to be Berry level and I'm not. That's ok though, I'm broke LOL

Octavia from The 100

I love the CW's TV show The 100. If you haven't seen it, it's great and you might want to check it out. Right now, we're between seasons, but that doesn't mean that last season isn't still on my mind. I currently have SEVERAL irons in the fire, but I'm really excited about this project and how it turned out. At the bottom I'll try to include some details on how I did everything. (please ignore my boat in the background of some of these pictures. LOL)

This is Octavia from The 100 on the CW Isn't she so pretty?!
Well, here's Marie Grace giving her rendition of Octavia. Now, you might wonder why I didn't use my doll named Octavia. Well there are a couple reasons. #1- Octavia was packed away at the time. #2- Marie Grace has the right hair and her hair is really dry which makes it easier to style in my opinion. and #3- I changed Octavia's wig and now she's a red-head.

So here's Marie Grace:

What do you think?! I'm in love! How did …

Ebay is great for handmade clothing.

So I'm on eBay A LOT! As you can all probably tell. Well I don't buy much handmade clothing. Usually because of the cost. Now I understand that it's a lot of work to make these outfits, but I just can't spend a fortune on doll clothing. So when I find something handmade and not too expensive, I buy it. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's not, but most of the time it's good. And these are some of the things I've bought that were handmade. I'm including the sellers in case you want to go to eBay and get some of these items for yourself.
From a seller named bogotabruiser I bought a Suri. I LOVE it. The material is amazing. (this picture is from their eBay ad and is not mine)
And these flower shirts are from seller ugot2btrue. I bought 5 of them. Here's the Jess doll that I had on eBay wearing one. (this picture is from their eBay ad and is not mine)
 And I bought one handmade dress (actually 2 pcs) from seller sunlily500 and fell in love with i…